I hate my Boss!!


Don’t you just hate your boss sometimes? Don’t you just want to tell him or her (it’s worse if it’s her),
” HEY sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, stop fuckin jumping on my back , get a life and leave mine alone”

What I noticed is that women in higher positions tend to be really bossy and controling and shit (no offense) ,

and they forget about their fuckin private life and want to take it back on you.

Well my problems started when my boss started telling me who I can sleep with and to wash my dishes at home and shit like this , of course I told that bitch to fuck off and what I do with my life is my business, but she never let go…

See I was living with two work collegues in an apartment,  I don’t blame them  couse they were easilly manipulated, so when the „Scum of the World” aka ” the boss started asking them how is at home they started complaining about the noise, that wait he is bringing bitches at home and he is never cleaning and always leaving the dishes in the sink and shit like that.

And that was the begining of a fucked up and shit relationship, with my boss,  from then till up 3 weeks ago when  I said the things from the beginning, the results of my big mouth, well as u can guess I was fired .

But I wasn’t actually , we just agreed that the contract will not be extended, so I still have 1 month to work in this place. Well it’s turning out to be shittyer and shittyer, first couse I know it was her shits that got me fired and that i still have to see that fuckin smile and face for a couple of weeks.

But the atmosphere in the office suddenly became so flowerish, you know, it’s funny when somebody get’s fired, couse everybody starts to think they are next and does kissing up and live in powerpuff land , being scared for their sorry ass. Well if untill our incident everybody was shouting (small but still) out against everything , now they are all like they were struck by the virus of the happynes, honestly I just wonder how long it will last.

Well what I actually was trying to point out in this long and probably boring topic is that before u open your mouth and say those stupid things from the beginning, just think „is this (bitch) worth it?” couse you just make a lot of people a lot happyer and eventually her/his ass will be happyer couse he gets wrid of you and the rest will suck up more… so her life will be complete.. or wouldn’t suck so much.

So when you feel the need to tell your boss „Shut the fuck up” I suggest you do that , and play this game to calm down: http://www.doodie.com/anger_management.php

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