2 răspunsuri la „For my special someone!

  1. To the man that i ll never forget and
    who ll always come into my dreams…

    i ll dedicate my day only to u…This book -good or bad is book about love- about the feeling that u
    gave to me as the most precious present i ever got from somebody…. And if u go earlier tomorrow, go the trees …walk on the streets that we walked together…and ask them about u….i ve told them everything about u and they know u…they know how much i missed u and i run to come back home to u

    i never put anything to u and i didnt take either.im leaving u to be the way are u forever…
    before i met u i lived not trully, between blind and always thirsty spectators. tired to be made cry in my laugh again, tired from the waiting…

    i know everything is given before u come on the earth and even earlier…but i decided to give urself as present to me…if u ask me how much i love u…i ll staying confused and speechless..there is someting so different and human in my loving now..i dont believe in love at first sight anymore beacuse my love isnt a body…i dont believe in platonic one also..because my love isnt a soul..i dont believe in illusions.. i believe in the power that makes me smile…in the power i feel all over my body everyday when im with u..
    i believe in u, because u exist, i looked deep inside my soul and i saw u re already there.

    i never wanted the life they offered me…
    i always looked for my sea my bird my wind….
    …and something happened between two of us since we walk the same way…
    i started to learn ur steps….u mine

    i remember moments with u- crossroads of sorrow
    i remember moments with u- holiday of stars
    sometimes the separation was happening just to make us even more unseparable

    and if i ever had body to hold somebody – let it be yours
    and if i ever had soul to love somebody let it be yours

    Thank you for sharing yourself with me….

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