8 types of women, (most) men don’t want to have relationship with !

1.The desperate girl .
Men hate presure, at least I do! They need to feel they have enough time on their own, to experiment things, before they commit to something. Instead of having fun, they are faced often, too early, with the idea of a serious relationship. We, men don’t like such girls,because they take the relationship too seriously and put perhaps to much emotion in it. We don’t want you to call us every 5 minutes ! ! After a while we just feel sorry for these desperate girls.
2.The girl who always doubts and questions !
Confidence turns us on. Doubts in yourself ..certainly not ! Complicated behaviour and unsecurity is tiring for us! We don’t want to  be careful all the time what we’re  saying, because after that we have to explane what expactly did we  mean ! !!
3.The drama queen
Such type of woman is great at first sight and terrible when u get to know her. Men get sick very soon of her sufferings and melodramatic moments. Sure, we like to jump in and give you a helping hand, we want to be ur knight in armor , but after a while such relationship soon becomes rutine and it is meant to fail.
4.The girl that always says „yes”
Men dont see anything exciting about the fact that girl always agree with them. Well except if he wants to be a small dictator  !
We find it great in the begining, but with the time we may realize that is more fun or exciting to be with a woman who’s reactions you simply can’t predict . Probably because we love to be surprized every once in a while.
5.The planing girl
This is the type of girl that plans her wedding day since the age of 5. Every man, that has relationship with such type of woman,feels like he was hired for some kind of job,he is an actor in somebody’s movie and he  simply has to do the role good. No chance of improvization, living to please somebody’s dreams , wich most of the time just simply can’t be done.
6. The lost girl
The lost girl is the one that feels lonely even if she is in a relationship.If such girl doesnt start to have some selfesteam, sooner or later the man starts to believe she is really an outsider.Such woman are quiet and always blame themselves for everything bad in their relationships.
7. The workahalic girl or career girl !
Every man that respects himself likes clever and capable women. On the other hand womens’ success mostly scares men off, because  they feel not needed and therefore not men enough (probably our hunter-head of the household complex).
Mens’ego is very strong and we like to be the stronger partner in the relationship, the provider . And we like to be welcomed at home with food on the table after a hard day of work .
8.The moody girl.
Men like it when their woman makes them feel good. When you praise us, and complement us . With moody girls we don’t feel comfortable , because you don’t feel comfortable . This includes the sub-category ” I have a headache girl ” .
 We feel unwanted.. therefore we live with the feeling we can be left any moment. Moody girls usually have problem with trust or confidence and they like to put their men trought a lot of tests till they prove that they are worth it .
In a few words girls, don’t be a bitch or a saint, dont be moody or too good and undertsanding, dont presure the man, but in the same time dont show indifference !
And who said men want just sex 🙂

3 răspunsuri la „8 types of women, (most) men don’t want to have relationship with !

  1. Fiecare are cate ceva dintre astea in ea,o data pe luna daca ai spirit de observatie ies la suprafata toate intr-o mixtura unica(in cazuri de astea o fata normala pare aproape rezonabila ), putem sa analizam si sa categorisim cat vrem ca tot nu vom intelege. Dar de astea le iubim.

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