Adevarul despre Amsterdam.

Hai ca i-am criticat destul pe olandezi , dati-mi voie sa le iau putin si apararea.
Ce imi mai plac stirile de la americani. Modul lor de a adauga cate un cuvant care sa faca din tantar armasar .

Ia auzi, anarhie e la amsterdam, mor oamenii pe strada, si toti criminali au venit in Amsterdam .
Ce ciudat, eu credeam ca America a fost tara colonizata cu criminali ? 
Observati cifrele de la sfarsitul clipului.
As mai adauga inca una. 11000 de crime cu o arma de foc in US pe an, sub 100 in Olanda , in Romania daca is vreo 15 .

16 răspunsuri la „Adevarul despre Amsterdam.

  1. no offence but dutch are so retards that cant stay one day in romania or bulgaria or elsewhere…i dont know even how to express myself but i swear there is sth so so debil about them..everything is such a big deal i think they have to stop smoking weed and be more alive…life is hard even for the retards

    • @ elena
      nb invited u if u dont like it…if u want to comment the article u re free to go..i dont need y to tell me to take it easy..this is my opinion and u re here to comment andrei not me

  2. Dutch and Americans may not be so intelligent as Romanians/Bulgarians individually, and will never have so much „charisma” if you will, as we do, but they sure can work together to accomplish something. The Romanians, and some of our neighbours on the other hand, when in masses, are as stupid as they come, hence our shitty economy and bad reputation.

  3. the news its true..i like it fucking hippies..u drink beer and u see one fat mf coming out of one window, sweating ..after fucking one fat black shit …children walking sorry this is so crap and love free drugs ..fuck them..3 months was enough for me to see how slow they are…they have to be happy they have a good state system that they follow and they live good couse with their smoky heads they cant do anything and i stand behind my words.welcome to the real world ..after some years holland will be africa or some muslim country…and hell im sure
    p.s. and if in my job we have 2 dutch that are saying the same..i think dutch have to think about it

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