Did you just fart?

I bet everybody had at least one embarrasing moment when he farted in front of his partner, and wanted to die in the same very moment.

Neadless to say, how many times we try to cover the fart up with laughting, coughing or by walking away.. :),

And our partner of course to ignore it or be polite by pretending it didn’t happen.

And why is all this covering for?

We all know we fart, no matter that we lock ourself in the toilet we all know what is happening there.


I actually think farting in a relationships is kind of endearing.

Because it shows ” hey , I feel so comfortable with you , I don’t have any problem farting in your presence „

Think about it, for a second, before you judge your partner next time !

If you were there, and he/she farted,  he/she must love you very much.

So when do people start to feel so comfortable as to fart in front of eachother?

Does it really take a lot, to get so comfortable with somebody so you actually start being yourself.

I mean when you are home alone, in your room , do you have a problem with farting?

So why do we hide, in a relationship I mean , sooner or later it will come out, as we are not perfect .

We go to so much trouble to hide it , when probably u might have just done it right now, while reading this article .

So let me ask you, Did you just fart ? (don’t answer that)

Better tell me what is your fart moment, would you like to share it with us, under complete cover of anonymosity ? 

Eather way here are some facts about farting that you probably wanted to know .


” This article was written in cooperation with my gf, and it is meant not to be taken (to) seriously „

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