maniere pe facebook

Eu am renuntat , de curand ce-i drept,  la Facebook, si la retelele sociale din  3 motive :

-1 schimbatul status-ului (cearta – single, iubire din nou – in relationship )

2 intre timp un virus gelos mi-a sters toate contactele (friends)  , si imi era lene sa le adaug din nou  .

3. Nu le mai vad rostul.  Si ma doare fix in cur ce face bla bla, ce ii place si .. asa mai departe. Daca ma intereseaza il intreb direct   .Si daca nu ma intereseaza, de ce sa imi umplu creierul cu mii de informatii inutile.  De mult consider ca daca ai o/un prieten/a , nu ai nevoie de Facebook. Sunt mii de cazuri de cupluri care s-au despartit din cauza retelelor de socializare. Am avut destule „discutii amicale” cu subiectul de ce i-ai raspuns, cine e aia/ala … de ce esti single, de ce nu , sau de ce .. stii ceva fuck it, Facebook e pentru oamenii singuri (adica single ) zic eu. S-au pentru barfe, adica aia si alea carora le place mult sa vorbeasca .  

Totusi , daca esti intr-o relatie si folosesti facebook, ar fii bine sa mai stii si urmatoarele :

In pursuit of Happyness. Making the first million.

By Didi.

We are living in material world, where everything costs money. If you dont have money you will not have clothes, car,a house and most of all, health.

Health costs money !

Of course , you can be abslolutely ascetic,very religious and abstinent, and you could deny the power of the money, but you definitely wont be happy.

 If you are sick you need a lot of money to be healthy and comfortable. That’s why money can definately buy happiness, comfort well being.

I truly believe , that the first million can  make you happy, especially if you grow up in misery and lack of money.. But with the increase of money you’ll not get happier.

I doubt it that 10 millions can make you happier than the first million, that took you out of the misery.
Once I read an interview with Steven King, in which he says that money really made him happy. But just one time… the time he got his fist money for „carrie”. In that time he was living in caravan, he was an alcoholic and his children were starving.

Today he is a multimilionar and a very famous author of bestsellers, but he is suffering off progressive sickness that leads to blindness and also trying to get over his addictions to drugs. So while the first money he made, made him happy, the more money he made ended up ruining his life. Having more money meaning he could afford drugs and other stupid vices…wich eventualy ruined him.

So can you really buy happiness with money ?  

Maybe with ur first money. Everything else after that, is some more numbers and zeros that makes you more greedy and richier, but certainly not happier.

Money never made somebody a fool, they only revealed up who is the fool itself. For example, if you are a peasent who made money over night, you will not be more smarter , you will just be a peasant with money.

So go out there and make your first million ( theoretically speaking ), be happy you made it, and enjoy it.

Did you just fart?

I bet everybody had at least one embarrasing moment when he farted in front of his partner, and wanted to die in the same very moment.

Neadless to say, how many times we try to cover the fart up with laughting, coughing or by walking away.. :),

And our partner of course to ignore it or be polite by pretending it didn’t happen.

And why is all this covering for?

We all know we fart, no matter that we lock ourself in the toilet we all know what is happening there.


I actually think farting in a relationships is kind of endearing.

Because it shows ” hey , I feel so comfortable with you , I don’t have any problem farting in your presence „

Think about it, for a second, before you judge your partner next time !

If you were there, and he/she farted,  he/she must love you very much.

So when do people start to feel so comfortable as to fart in front of eachother?

Does it really take a lot, to get so comfortable with somebody so you actually start being yourself.

I mean when you are home alone, in your room , do you have a problem with farting?

So why do we hide, in a relationship I mean , sooner or later it will come out, as we are not perfect .

We go to so much trouble to hide it , when probably u might have just done it right now, while reading this article .

So let me ask you, Did you just fart ? (don’t answer that)

Better tell me what is your fart moment, would you like to share it with us, under complete cover of anonymosity ? 

Eather way here are some facts about farting that you probably wanted to know .

” This article was written in cooperation with my gf, and it is meant not to be taken (to) seriously „

8 types of women, (most) men don’t want to have relationship with !

1.The desperate girl .
Men hate presure, at least I do! They need to feel they have enough time on their own, to experiment things, before they commit to something. Instead of having fun, they are faced often, too early, with the idea of a serious relationship. We, men don’t like such girls,because they take the relationship too seriously and put perhaps to much emotion in it. We don’t want you to call us every 5 minutes ! ! After a while we just feel sorry for these desperate girls.
2.The girl who always doubts and questions !
Confidence turns us on. Doubts in yourself ..certainly not ! Complicated behaviour and unsecurity is tiring for us! We don’t want to  be careful all the time what we’re  saying, because after that we have to explane what expactly did we  mean ! !!
3.The drama queen
Such type of woman is great at first sight and terrible when u get to know her. Men get sick very soon of her sufferings and melodramatic moments. Sure, we like to jump in and give you a helping hand, we want to be ur knight in armor , but after a while such relationship soon becomes rutine and it is meant to fail.
4.The girl that always says „yes”
Men dont see anything exciting about the fact that girl always agree with them. Well except if he wants to be a small dictator  !
We find it great in the begining, but with the time we may realize that is more fun or exciting to be with a woman who’s reactions you simply can’t predict . Probably because we love to be surprized every once in a while.
5.The planing girl
This is the type of girl that plans her wedding day since the age of 5. Every man, that has relationship with such type of woman,feels like he was hired for some kind of job,he is an actor in somebody’s movie and he  simply has to do the role good. No chance of improvization, living to please somebody’s dreams , wich most of the time just simply can’t be done.
6. The lost girl
The lost girl is the one that feels lonely even if she is in a relationship.If such girl doesnt start to have some selfesteam, sooner or later the man starts to believe she is really an outsider.Such woman are quiet and always blame themselves for everything bad in their relationships.
7. The workahalic girl or career girl !
Every man that respects himself likes clever and capable women. On the other hand womens’ success mostly scares men off, because  they feel not needed and therefore not men enough (probably our hunter-head of the household complex).
Mens’ego is very strong and we like to be the stronger partner in the relationship, the provider . And we like to be welcomed at home with food on the table after a hard day of work .
8.The moody girl.
Men like it when their woman makes them feel good. When you praise us, and complement us . With moody girls we don’t feel comfortable , because you don’t feel comfortable . This includes the sub-category ” I have a headache girl ” .
 We feel unwanted.. therefore we live with the feeling we can be left any moment. Moody girls usually have problem with trust or confidence and they like to put their men trought a lot of tests till they prove that they are worth it .
In a few words girls, don’t be a bitch or a saint, dont be moody or too good and undertsanding, dont presure the man, but in the same time dont show indifference !
And who said men want just sex 🙂

Tambal (Cimbalom)? Have you heard of it?

The cimbalom is basicly a large, trapezoidal box with metal strings stretched across its top.

It is a musical instrument commonly found throughout the group of East European nations and cultures.

It is higly unapreciated and mostly unknown for people outside this area.

Still it can produce magnificent sounds , just listen to this cover of Metallica – Nothing else matters played on the cimbalom:

In Romania is one of the main folclore instruments and I believe that for Romania ,
this is something that we should promote and the world should know about!

Magnificent performance!

I hate my Boss!!


Don’t you just hate your boss sometimes? Don’t you just want to tell him or her (it’s worse if it’s her),
” HEY sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, stop fuckin jumping on my back , get a life and leave mine alone”

What I noticed is that women in higher positions tend to be really bossy and controling and shit (no offense) ,

and they forget about their fuckin private life and want to take it back on you.

Well my problems started when my boss started telling me who I can sleep with and to wash my dishes at home and shit like this , of course I told that bitch to fuck off and what I do with my life is my business, but she never let go…

See I was living with two work collegues in an apartment,  I don’t blame them  couse they were easilly manipulated, so when the „Scum of the World” aka ” the boss started asking them how is at home they started complaining about the noise, that wait he is bringing bitches at home and he is never cleaning and always leaving the dishes in the sink and shit like that.

And that was the begining of a fucked up and shit relationship, with my boss,  from then till up 3 weeks ago when  I said the things from the beginning, the results of my big mouth, well as u can guess I was fired .

But I wasn’t actually , we just agreed that the contract will not be extended, so I still have 1 month to work in this place. Well it’s turning out to be shittyer and shittyer, first couse I know it was her shits that got me fired and that i still have to see that fuckin smile and face for a couple of weeks.

But the atmosphere in the office suddenly became so flowerish, you know, it’s funny when somebody get’s fired, couse everybody starts to think they are next and does kissing up and live in powerpuff land , being scared for their sorry ass. Well if untill our incident everybody was shouting (small but still) out against everything , now they are all like they were struck by the virus of the happynes, honestly I just wonder how long it will last.

Well what I actually was trying to point out in this long and probably boring topic is that before u open your mouth and say those stupid things from the beginning, just think „is this (bitch) worth it?” couse you just make a lot of people a lot happyer and eventually her/his ass will be happyer couse he gets wrid of you and the rest will suck up more… so her life will be complete.. or wouldn’t suck so much.

So when you feel the need to tell your boss „Shut the fuck up” I suggest you do that , and play this game to calm down: