In pursuit of Happyness. Making the first million.

By Didi.

We are living in material world, where everything costs money. If you dont have money you will not have clothes, car,a house and most of all, health.

Health costs money !

Of course , you can be abslolutely ascetic,very religious and abstinent, and you could deny the power of the money, but you definitely wont be happy.

 If you are sick you need a lot of money to be healthy and comfortable. That’s why money can definately buy happiness, comfort well being.

I truly believe , that the first million can  make you happy, especially if you grow up in misery and lack of money.. But with the increase of money you’ll not get happier.

I doubt it that 10 millions can make you happier than the first million, that took you out of the misery.
Once I read an interview with Steven King, in which he says that money really made him happy. But just one time… the time he got his fist money for „carrie”. In that time he was living in caravan, he was an alcoholic and his children were starving.

Today he is a multimilionar and a very famous author of bestsellers, but he is suffering off progressive sickness that leads to blindness and also trying to get over his addictions to drugs. So while the first money he made, made him happy, the more money he made ended up ruining his life. Having more money meaning he could afford drugs and other stupid vices…wich eventualy ruined him.

So can you really buy happiness with money ?  

Maybe with ur first money. Everything else after that, is some more numbers and zeros that makes you more greedy and richier, but certainly not happier.

Money never made somebody a fool, they only revealed up who is the fool itself. For example, if you are a peasent who made money over night, you will not be more smarter , you will just be a peasant with money.

So go out there and make your first million ( theoretically speaking ), be happy you made it, and enjoy it.

5 răspunsuri la „In pursuit of Happyness. Making the first million.

  1. It depends. You can’t buy friendship, love, and many other things for money but money is needed for a normal life. If you ask me it would be paradise for me on an island with my girlfriend without the things from what now we can’t live…

  2. Interesting article. I think money cant make u happier, but its necesarry for living. Of course if u have money, many doors, which were closed can be opened. U can do many things what u couldnt before, but finally u will realize it wont make u happy. But thats my idea, some people may think different of course.

  3. Money is very important, more important than many of us would agree. Just in case you are gathering for the first million: they don’t make money out of a job!


  4. thats why we ll make our 1 million out of a lottary ha ha ha ha
    anyway…we dont need this million to be happy we ll be satisfied with our thousands hahahah

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